10 Reasons To Date a Chick With a Jeep

Jeep girl

Chicks who own Jeeps are awesome. They’re not afraid to get dirty, they like a rough ride and they love a lift! If you still need convincing, here are 10 reasons you need a girl with a Jeep in your life…today!

1) She probably has her own tools

Own tools

2) She won’t bitch when you are working on your Jeep 

No bitching

3) She loves it rough and bumpy

rough and bumpy

4) She will usually buy you Jeep parts for gifts and expect the same in return…result!


5) She loves to drive topless


6) You won’t have to share your Jeep with her

no sharing

7) She will be low maintenance (most of the time)


8) She can probably perform her own Jeep maintenance

Jeep momma

9) Her bikini protects the two of you from the sun

Jeep girl

10) She will love for you to clean her undercarriage after playing in the mud

Jeep girl mud

Want a Jeep girl?

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