10 Things You’ll Get If You Are Addicted To Jeeps

Jeep July 4th

A Jeep is hands down the greatest vehicle to drive. It’s an experience, you feel alive, especially naked, the Jeep not you!

There are so many different types of Jeeps and tons of colors to choose from, they fit all personalities. If you decide to get rid of your Jeep you’ll soon find that for some unknown reason you’ll miss it like crazy. Whatever you do, don’t get rid of it, beg, steal and borrow to keep her!

Jeep addiction is real, if you’re addicted (like us), you’ll get these 10 things…

1) It’s a gas guzzler.

Jeep top off


2) Talking is impossible with a soft top on because of the noise.

Jeep Wrangler loud

3) It’s the best summertime vehicle on the planet.

Jeep Wrangler summer


4) Everyone wants to drive with you.

Jeep driving

5) You get way too excited when you see another Jeep.

Jeep July 4th

6) There’s a different meaning behind ‘taking your top off’.

Jeep topless

7) You’ve been caught in the rain driving home and you quite enjoyed it.


caught in the rain

8) The music can never be turned up too loud.

Jeep noise

9) You can drive through or over anything. Praise the lord for 4 wheel drive.

drive over anything

10) You Jeep wave. If you don’t you’re an ass.

Jeep wave

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