15 Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Your Jeep

Jeep relationship

Are you spending too much time with your Jeep? Are your friends and family asking where you’ve been? If the answer is yes, then you might be in a relationship with your Jeep that is far more serious than you realize!

Owning a Jeep is very similar to owning a dog, they become part of the family. You find yourself staring into your computer screen thinking about the fun you had last weekend.

You spend hours gazing through your phone, browsing Jeep pics and also looking at what you want to add to your Jeep next. It’s a very addictive hobby.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs you’re probably in a committed relationship with your 4 wheeled friend…

1) You Love spending time with your Jeep

2) You bring the best out in each other

3) And when you’re apart, you miss it dearly

4) You can be yourself around your Jeep, knowing it’ll never judge you

5) You can’t help but brag about how great your Jeep is

6) You take your Jeep out all the time, to keep things fresh

7) Getting dirty is one of your favorite things

8) Every day you tell your Jeep how beautiful it is

9) You think it looks great with everything on

10) But secretly you know it’s better topless

11) You never forget about its inner beauty

12) Some say you’re a little overprotective about your Jeep

13) You’ve taken the big step of introducing it to your family and friends

14) You’ve even met other couples with similar interests

15) But, nothing comes close to those intimate moments you both share alone

Remember people won’t understand your Jeep bond until they own one. Keep spreading the Jeep love.

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