14 Things Jeep Girls Dating In Their 20's Need To Know

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Some of us just want to settle down right away, others want to stay unattached for as long as possible. Some find love right away and other are still looking well into their 30’s. The point is that dating is different for everybody and often times a little tricky for everybody.

Here’s 14 little secrets they don’t tell you about dating in your 20's.

1. Older doesn’t mean more mature.

“The 35 year old dudes trying to date 21 year old girls are just as immature as the 21 year old guys they say they’re better than.”

2. You’re not “missing” anything by settling down now.

“That it’s okay to settle down with one person, and it doesn’t necessarily take a load of partners to find “the one”. You can still have adventures and live a full life while you’re in a committed relationship.”

3. Be clear about what you want.

“You have to make sure everybody is clear about their intentions, even in cultures where dating someone exclusively is a given. The internet has changed the game I think.”