16 Super Awesome Gadgets For People With Obsessive Jeep Disorder

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Lets face it we can't be in our Jeep 24/7... With this in mind, we have found some interesting gadgets that will make your separation from your Jeep a little more bearable.

1. Jeep Flash Drive


2. Jeep Flick Knife

It may come in handy, you never know... Just please be careful.

(Image Credit;Naveya.com)

3 Jeep Barbecue Spatula

Cooking up a storm with one of these...

(Image Credit;All Things Jeep)

4. Jeep Keyring

For your keys...

(Image Credit; blackdogmods.com)

 5.Jeep Chopping Board 

For the kitchen... 

(Image Credit; All Things Jeep)

6 Jeep Key Hook

Never lose your key's...

(Image Credit; Pirate4x4.com)

 7. Jeep Cake Tin

For baking those sweet treats...

(Credit Image; Pinterest)

8. Jeep Place Mats 

They look so cool...

(Image Credit; Etsy)

9. Jeep Glasses

For when kicking back with a cold one...

(Image Credit; Pinterest)

10. Jeep Light Shade

So cool...

(Image Credit; Pinterest)

11. Jeep Coffee Table


(Image Credit;HomeStreetHome.ie)

12. Jeep Bench


(Image Credit;Pinterest)

13. Jeep Chair

Who wouldn't want to sit on this... 

(Image Credit;Car Canyon.com)

14. Jeep coasters

(Image Credit;Wrangler Forum.com)

15. Cup holder place mats 

(Image Credit;All Things Jeep)

16. Jeep toast holder

(Image Credit;Pinterest)

Wherever you go, whatever you do......a reminder of your Jeep is always with you...