10 Little Secrets They Never Tell You About Owning A Jeep

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What you are not told about when buying a Jeep, dependant on who you may talk it over with, you will find buddy's that are either 'yay, go for it, best thing you will ever do' or 'no, are you crazy, blah, blah, blah' (But they are the jealous ones)

We have come up with 10 secrets of owning a Jeep...

1. Rugged & Strength

You simply cannot comprehend how strong these guy's are, there is nowhere they won't go! 

2. Gas

Most people will say about the MPG, but to be truthful, it will depend on what you are doing in your Jeep. Off roading will use more gas, but then that is no different to hard acceleration in your sudan! Common sense may prevail here but, it wouldn't put us off buying one.

3. Jeep Community

Its huge & growing by the year, Jeep meets etc, there is always something happening, there are also heaps of  forum's on line  full of useful info for the new Jeep owner or the one that has always driven one! They are happy to share hints & tips with you, less time in the garage. 

4. Acceleration

Okay this is not great you won't beat anyone off the light's, you will catch them tho 0-60mph may not be a split second but that isn't to say they will disappear in a puff of smoke! But lets face it, if that was the sort of thing you were after you would have got a Porsche!

5. Death Wobble

These are not specific to Jeeps, it can happen in all 4x4's, the first time you experience it, you may need a new pair of shorts! Or a lie down, but it is fixable. Don't let it put you off! 

6. Upgrade & Change

You will forever be looking at way's to upgrade, improve, lift your Jeep. You may never be happy. $'s spent in the first 12 months won't be out of necessity but more of a want to do it! You will need to upgrade the suspension for when you climb up & over that rock face!


7. You Will Smile

Lots & lots, you will spend a lot of time outdoors, your health will improve, your complexion will be amazing, all that fresh air works wonders for your skin & soul. Doctors should hand them out in prescriptions!

8. Jeeps are loud

That doesn't mean there is a fault, it is the may they are made, they are made to be heard! If you don't want to hear what's under the hood, buy a Prius, yeah we thought you may say that.

9. Jeeps are higher

In general than a normal car, getting into them may not be as easy, something to bear in mind perhaps, when you have a tight fitting outfit on & heels. Door steps are a must, trust us you will be thankful you got them installed.

10. Comfort

Most people think that the Jeep is not a comfortable ride, okay in the days of WW2, comfort was not a priority, they were bumpy with very basic interior & seats. But that was over 70 years ago, Jeep's have come a mighty long way since these day's. They are as comfortable as a regular car & now come in a choice of cloth or leather finish. The interiors on these modern Jeep's are something to be in awe of.

Jeeps have come  a long way since their early day's, they have proved themselves over & over. They are here to stay & we love them.