6 Reasons People Hate On Jeeps From The Outside

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We've all had it. You're not the only one. Whether it's a neighbour or an enemy, there's always going to be someone who hates your Jeep but why?! 

1. First off, they're probably jealous

It's hard to drive a Jeep and they can't so don't worry, they're just jel! 

2. They are probably sick of the way you park it

When the neighbour asks, when is the drive going to be done as there are loads of rocks all over it but little do they know, that's how you designed your drive because you drive a Jeep

3. They can't afford one

People just settle for less because they can't afford one which is why they say rude things about Jeeps

4. They hate not being part of a cool community

C'mon, name a community as big as the Jeep one?

5. They don't understand

 So when they ask, just say... "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand" 

6. They don't have a drivers license  

Most of the time people say bad things about people cause they can't do it themselves.