What Do Your Tires Say About You?

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What do your tires say about you? Okay not much to go on here to be honest, as  tread & size, are about the only options there are!

But there are some personality traits that can be detected about the owner of a Jeep dependant, on the tires he uses,

The 'Normal' Owner

32-35 inch tires are normally the size of choice, tires in this size range tend to cope well enough with the daily grind & also som of roading, if you want to do anything a little more crazy, your tire size will probably grow.

Owners that drive on these size tires, tend to be happy enough with that, they use their Jeep to get to & from work/ school/ school run. Visiting the grocery store each week & maybe when feeling brave will drive over a grassy lawn..... They are reliable, safe, genuine, kind people. They are genuinely happy in themselves & have a great outlook on life..... 

The Want To Try Something New (its why I bought a Jeep)

38 Inch Tires, these are bigger than the previous tires, they make turning your Jeep a little harder because of the amount of rubber involved & size of the tread as well as the depth. Designed for more particular off roading, you will need some decent amount of power under the hood to drive your Jeep on these. These tires, reflect an owner that isn't frightened of a little hard work, he shouts hell yeah look at me!, is not afraid to be seen, a confident person, that has a severe competative streak. 

The Can't Wait For The Weekend Owner

Finally the driver of a Jeep with 40 inch tires..... Well what can we say about these guy's, they are the ones that spend their entire live's planning the next off road adventure, they will happily cycle into work, they don't want to risk anything happening to their Jeep on the commute in, after all she has been promised to climb through some rocky gorge somewhere come Saturday. These tires are not so great on the highway but you will find them hard to beat off roading. These owners, bought a Jeep to off road/ mud trail/ rock crawl, they are happy when doing that & that only. Very competitive in nature, they ooze confidence, are not afraid to take risks & are real life thrill seekers. 

 Which one are you? 

(Featured image credits: just4funn93-blog & spartan74 - via tumblr)