10 Lies We Have All Told Our Insurance About Our Jeeps

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10 lies we are guilty of telling our insurance provider... We wouldn't want them knowing we drive a fully lifted, with 38inch wheels & tires, going off road & up mud trails whenever we can....

1. How Old Is The Jeep?

It's 10 years old, bit of a rusty old girl.

2. Is The Jeep Fitted With Large Wheels/ Tyres?

No sir, just the regular wheels & tires it left the factory with.

3. Are The Windows Darkened?

No sir, they are regular glass.

4. Does Your Jeep Have An Expensive Audio System?

No Sir, it doesn't have a stereo

5. Is Your Jeep Used For Anything  Other Than Commuting?

No sir, only to & from work, daily.

6.Have You Had Any At-Fault Accidents or Moving Violations in the Past Five Years?

No I rarely drive to be honest & when I do I am very careful.

7. Where Is Your Jeep Kept Overnight?

In the garage locked away from the road.

8. Do You Have Any Driving Violations On Your License?

No, sir my licence is as clean as the day I got it.

9. What Is The Approximate Value Of Your Jeep?

I would say market value, no upgrades or anything.

10. What Coverage Do You Want On Your Policy?

Just  the required amount is fine please.


(Featured image credits: The auto firm (left) - BullionStar - (Right)