Cliche's About Jeep Owners That Are Totally Not True

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People these day's tend to think of others in a negative way more often than not, they will see something whilst out & about, an image will pop into their mind, & generally they will run with this..... People tend to invent cliche's about other groups of people, it could be because of the car they drive, the area they live, hell even the clothes they wear!

Jeep Owners are not excluded from this, I have come up with a list of cliche's that the public tend to have about Jeep owners, which could not be further from the truth. 

(Image credit: danielle Kershaw)

1. Jeepers Are All Men

Well we know this is wrong Jeep Girls Rock.

2. Jeepers Are Dirty & Rough

Again not true, sure they will get muddy from time to time, but...

3. Jeepers Are Selfish & Think They Own The Road

Nope they drive a Jeep not a monster  truck

4. Jeepers Will Push You Out Of The Way

Wrong again, the bigger front bars are for use when off roading not to push you off the road when you are doing the school run

5. Jeepers Don't Care About The Environment

They do, they really do, you will not find a mess after these lads & lady's have finished their off roading...

6. Selfish, They Make Their Jeeps Loud

No, most Jeeps are louder straight from the production line its the way  they are made.

7. They Are All The Same

Jeep owners are all different, men, woman, rich, poor the one thing they all have in common is their love & respect for all things Jeep.

8. Jeepers Are All Country People

Sure there are a lot of Jeepers from the country, but anyone from anywhere can own a Jeep.

9. Jeep Owners Can't Pass A Muddy Trail Without Driving On It

Now this is getting silly, of course they get an urge to drive through it! But if you are on your way to work you simply can't

10. Jeep Owners Are Not Friendly

Wrong again, Jeep owners are among the friendliest family on gods green earth, they will help you, they will do whatever it takes to make you welcome & feel part of their community.

(Image Credit; John Sepkowski)

These guy's are among some of the unsung hero's around! A Jeep owner will not pass you by broken down on an intersection, they will not ignore a plea to be towed out of a snowy drive way. They will help & assist where possible no matter what car you drive it's the way they are. kind, decent human beings that frankly we need more of in this world! Buy a Jeep join a club... Life Is For Living.