How Many Kids Will You Have According To The Jeep You Drive?

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How many kids will you have? You may already know the answer to this question! We think, the amount of kids you will have will depend on the Jeep you drive?

Jeep Wrangler

No Kids- You are probably not yet ready to have kids, you are working & enjoying life, kids are the last thing on your mind...Boy are you gonna miss her when she goes...

Jeep Renegade

1  kid is the amount normally the Renegade driver will have. Renegade is large enough for the strollers, diapers, car seats & the rest of the stuff kids of a certain age will need.

Jeep Compass

Little junior's brother or sister will be making an appearance soon, time to change, 2 at a push 3 kids for the Compass driver. Large enough to carry them all safely, but still ok for the grocery shop, not having to fight for a space in the parking lot.

Jeep Cherokee

3 Kids & growing, your cherubs are all around kindergarten age, 3 seats in the back of this Jeep will fit, trunk is big enough for all their stuff, slightly more grown up version of the Renegade, Daddy will drive this one.


Jeep Grand Cherokee (7 Seats)

5 kids, in keeping with the Jeep tradition within the family, no matter how many kids you have you will never not drive a Jeep. Plenty of room inside for them along with their 'stuff' this beauty, is large enough to carry everyone safely & in comfort,style & flair, you are the envy of the school yard... 

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Kids all grown up, no more stuff to carry about, you will revert back to your first love just the unlimited version, 4 door its easier to get them in & out...

They will fill the small trunk space with footballs as well as other kid related junk... more often than not you will get the request of ' can we drop Johnny home from practice?' the envy of all of their friends.Then comes the 'can I borrow the Jeep'...