If You Drive a Jeep, These Are Your Magical Powers

in Team JP -

You may not realise it yet, but with owning a Jeep comes, power, not power as in electricity coming out of your fingertips or running the country. Power over people.

1. Men Or Woman (whatever floats your boat)

They will notice you, they will want to date you, they will be lining up.

2. Go Anywhere

As if by magic, the rain storm or snow storm will not stop you going where you need too.

3. Parking Lot

Spaces will just appear

4. New Friends

You will have strangers waving at you, i know cool huh

5. You Will Get Closer To Nature

The ability to talk to the animals as you will spend a lot of time in their part of the woods 

6. Magical Glow

Top off, means you will have the sun, wind, fresh air on your face, it will be like taking a magic potion, you will look amazing

7. Lights Will Change

On your approach to them, you won't have to wait at the red light anymore, they will change as if by magic

8. Fears & Inhibitions Will Disappear

Any fears or worries  you may have had will be a distant memory, as if by magic from the moment you get behind the wheel of your Jeep you will feel empowered no more anxiety for you

9. People Will Be In Awe

You will turn heads wherever you go, people will stop & stare

10. No More Q'ing Ever

Drive thru, valet parking, garage, anywhere you may have to Q whilst in your Jeep, this will become a thing of the past. Staff will ignore other customers & head to you first, almost like they have been hynotised 

So whether you become a Voldermort or Zelda your powers will enhance our life... Who knew all from driving the legend that is a Jeep

(Image Credits: www.wandertrails.com & www.pinterest.com)