21 Things Jeep Owners Do That Are Pretty Damn Weird To Everyone Else

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Jeep owners have their habits, some people find them strange or downright weird... 

1. Call Their Jeep a Name

2. Talk About 'Lift' 

3. Watch The Weather (pray for rain)

4. Get Excited When It Snows

5. Don't Try & Race From The Lights

6. Wave At Each Other

7. Join An Owners Club

8. Go On Lots Of Road Trips

9. Remove The Roof At The First Sign Of Sun

10. Not Be Overly Concerned About Security

11. Park Next To Another Jeep In The Parking Lot (deliberately)

12. Change Wheels & Tires (a-lot)

13. Know Their Buddy's By Their Jeep Not Their Name

14. Have More Photo's On Their Phone Of Their Jeep Than Partner

15.Recognise Another Jeep by the Shape of the Lights or Sound of the Engine

16. Not Worry Over a Scratch or Ding on the Jeep (it will buff out)

17. Know the UPS Delivery Guy by his First Name

18. Spend More $'s on Accessories Than Anything Else

19. Post Hundreds of Jeep Pics on their Instagram/ Facebook Page

20. See Their Jeep Friends More Than Their Own Family

21. Get Tattoo's Of Their Jeep

We are not weird, we just love our Jeep's, it's a way of life.

(Image Credits; JKOwners.com,Inside Hook & bclakepowelltours.com)