9 Things You’ll Know If You Hate Fords With a Passion

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Jeep & Ford owners are rivals, we are unsure where this stems from but my reckoning is, the seed was planted way back in the dark ages of 1940... During the turbulent times of WW2...

Listed are 9 things only Jeep owners will know if they Hate Ford

1. Transmission

Ford's are known for issues with their transmission, more often than not they will end up costing you within the first 12 months...

2. More For Your Buck

A new ford will cost more in $'s than a Jeep of similar model, you definately get more for your buck. To get the extra's for your Ford to match a Jeep it will cost you more, lots more.

3. Rust

The metal used on a Ford is more prone to rusting, no one wants to drive a rust bucket around!

4. Problems With Glass Panel's

There has long since been issues with smashing glass panels on some SUV's made by Ford, no one wants this... Jeep have less glass, so less chance of their being an issue.

5. Fuel Efficiency

Compared to a similar Ford model, Jeep wins every time, okay you don't drive a Jeep for the gas to gallon ratio, but every drop helps.

6. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Jeep's are beautiful, they emit elegance & substance, poise & style. Fords look dated, end of story

7. Trailing

Jeep's do it way better, they were made to climb rocks & plough through mud.

8. Cheap Plastic Parts

The parts on a Ford feel cheap, plastic, generally nasty, Jeep use the better materials to make their's, better quality & a longer life span.

9. Ford Tried To Buy Into Ferrari

And later on Alfa Romero, take the hint guy's you were not wanted. 

We simply do not like Ford, Jeep is our passion, for us there is no comparison.... FORD- Forever Off RoaD