14 Dating Tips For Jeep Owners

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We all want to find that special someone to share our live's with, the long summer nights, sharing our hobbies & interests the ist is endless, some tips you will need to keep in mind if you wind up on a date with a Jeep owner. 

1. Don't take yourself to seriously

They don't, they are up for mostly anything & treat life with the fun & adventure it dictates

2. Don't Call Their Jeep ...

A car, it isn't, it also isn't a Ford or a Chevy

3. Express You Love Of The Great Outdoors

Your new Jeep buddy, if things work out will expect you to accompany them mud trailing or rock crawling.

4. Don't Moan About How High It Is..

To get into the passenger seat, you could always grab a cab

5. No They Won't Agree..

It is cold or noisy

6. Don't Question Them On Why..

The wheels & tires are so big... They just are

7. No It Isn't Expensive To Run

It cost's what it cost's

8. No They Won't Miss Driving A Normal Car

So don't ask them

9. Tell Them How Adventurous You Are

It will appeal trust us

10. Tell Them You Are An Animal Lover

Jeep owner's love their dogs

11. Don't Roll Your Eyes When They Talk About Anything Jeep..

Related, Jeep is a away of life & it will put them off you

12. Smile.. Lots

Jeep owners are a friendly, fun bunch of people that like similar minded people

13. Don't Ask To Drive Their Jeep

It's theirs & no you can't

14. Golden Rule...

Never ever think, that one day their Jeep will go & another vehicle will be in it's place, you know if you get married & stuff! You won't be getting married if that is your wish 

A Jeep is  for life, not just while dating.