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Community Guidelines

JPExtreme is a fun and vibrant community where everyone is welcome, whether you own a Jeep or not. We want to keep it safe and enjoyable for the thousands of followers we have across the globe. For this reason we decided to create a short and simple list of community rules that we want all users to adhere to.

If you break these rules you might get suspended without warning, so please wheel safe.

  • No nudity or explicit content. We love Jeep girls but please keep it clean.
  • No hate speech, abuse or harassment.
  • No content that promotes violence or violent activity.
  • No spam, including self promotion of third party websites for personal gain.
  • If you see any material on our website which you'd like to alert to us, please use the report button and we will check it out immediately and take appropriate action.
  • Do not name and shame any company with content that could cause reputational damage or could be deemed as libellous or defamatory.
  • Do not choose a username which is the same as a company or trading name.
  • Do not be argumentative for the sake of it.
  • Do not be racist.