How To Upgrade Your Jeep Without Breaking The Bank

Jeep upgrade

Your Jeep is an extension of your personality, it’s hard to find 2 of the same, the thing that most Jeep owners have in common is the thrill of the deal! Hunting down a good deal on your next purchase gets us excited, we’ve been looking at the market trying to figure out how to upgrade your Jeep for less than $1,000.

There are 2 routes we decided to take, the first was looking at individual parts from different companies to see if we could package them together to create the ultimate upgrade kit…

It’s actually really fun to think about all the extras you can buy, there is so much to choose from and naturally, everyone has a different opinion, especially if you’re looking to hit the trails or simply want an exterior upgrade.

We shopped around all the usual suspects, Extreme Terrain, Quadtratec, Morris etc and it became apparent that our shopping list was getting expensive…fast!

The goal was to pimp our Jeep for less than $1,000, so we decided to focus on appearance first which led us to They’ve created a range of ‘packages’ ranging from $300-$1,200. Our budget was sub $1,000 so we quickly caught eyes on what they call the ‘Tier 1 Appearance Package‘.  It comes with the following…






Jeep Wrangler Appearance Package

When you search around for these parts individually you’ll quickly find your shopping basket heading north of $1,000 then you’ve got shipping to worry about. JeepPeople are offering this entire package for $699.95 down from $904.74 – now that’s a serious deal which packs a serious punch.

There are multiple options to choose from so you’re not stuck to the default choices which is another bonus.

Overall the Tier 1 Appearance Package is an awesome deal, grab it while the price is still low.

Featured image credit: 765_jeepgirl via Instagram