Hyundai To Buy Jeep Within 12 Months!

Jeep Hyundai

Yes, you read the headline right, Hyundai is set to buy FCA including the Jeep brand in the next 12 months!

There have been plenty of rumors about the future of FCA & Jeep for a few years now. It’s common knowledge that the Jeep brand is the most profitable arm of FCA. The last few years have been good on Jeep, the Cherokee has been a great seller globally and the Wrangler has held up well too, especially with the launch of the JL model.

Social media reaction has been mixed about the Hyundai news, some people even suggesting this is the end of the road for our beloved Jeep but we beg to differ…here’s a bit information about Hyundai that will probably make you feel more comfortable about the upcoming deal.

Hyundai is a South Korean based company with an amazing reputation for making simple but most importantly GREAT cars! They’ve topped the list a number of times for the biggest selling vehicles of the last few years and interestingly they’ve also topped reliability league tables which sounds like Jeep could be going to a good new home.

There has been no comment from FCA or Hyundai but the suggestion is that the current Jeep CEO Sergio Marchionne wants the deal to complete before his retirement in 2019 after a hugely successful period at Jeep.

We’ll keep you updated about the deal as we hear more…

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