10 Things They Never Tell You About Owning A Jeep

Chrome Jeep

Buying a Jeep is the best decision you’ll ever make, especially if you drive a Toyota!

Jeeps are a very unique breed of vehicle. You don’t buy one for a relaxed, comfortable ride…unless you’re thinking of a Renegade of course?!

If you own a Jeep we hope you’ll agree with these 10 quirks, if not be prepared for them…

1) Death Wobble

2) Wet Ass

3) Jeep Wave

4) Never Buy a “Modded” Jeep

5) Get Excited About 14 MPG

6) Make Sure Your Door Strap Is Connected

7) Your Jeep Is Never Finished

8) Jeeps Will Never Go Out Of Style

9) You Will Never Have An Excuse Not To Get To Work

10) Jeeps Come With The Best Support Groups Ever

Story via: dirtroadptrip.com

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