7 Awesome Ways You Can Include Jeep In Your Wedding Day

Getaway Jeep

Everyone wants a unique wedding, especially if you’re a Jeep owner. It’s the biggest day of your life after all so putting some extra thought into the day will help create incredible memories that you’ll never forget.

It’s hard to think of ways to involve the love of your life, your Jeep not wife! We put our heads together and decided to research 7 ways that you can keep your Jeep happy while you sign your life away to your new love!

A Jeep Photobooth

Photobooths have become popular over the past few years, why not find a Jeep inspired one to remind your guests how Jeep mad you are?

Jeep photobooth

The Get Away Jeep

Credit: JeepForum.com

Add a personal touch to your big day and use your pride & joy as wedding transport.

Getaway Jeep

Bridesmaid Transport

Credit: Nelson Wedding Transport

Add some ribbons to a Jeep and get your bridesmaids travelling around, they’ll have the time of the life.

Jeep bridesmaid

Jeep Invites

Theme the entire day with Jeeps and let your guests know by sending them some Jeep invites, they’ll understand what to expect from your big day.

Jeep wedding invites

Jeep Bar

What more can we say, you need a Jeep bar for your wedding!

Jeep bar

Jeep Cake

Let’s face it, traditional wedding cakes are boring. Your big day deserves an amazing cake, so found yourself one of these and make sure you customize it!

Jeep wedding cake

Jeep Rings

Want a lifelong reminder of your passion for Jeeps? Get matching Jeep rings!

Jeep wedding rings

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